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Launching a paper waste utilization system

In order to optimize the process of waste utilization Elgraf Ltd has started a new modern line of German manufacturer Krämer Lufttechnik in November 2017 for shredding, transporting and pressing the waste paper. Such machine is able to convert about 250t of paper waste per month. This allows to save time, money and labor resources of the company. Main advantage of this project is using eco-friendly technologies for the process of waste utilization and an opportunity to use them as recyclable materials.


Technology of preprint allows to make packing from any type of corrugated cardboard and provide quality of printing, analogical to offset printing. At this technology corrugated cardboard is made with the use of the prepared printed rolls of material.
Переваги препрінту:
  • At producing of the large drawing of products technology of preprint gives an opportunity to perform the order quicker than at other types of printing.
  • The quality of printing is substantially higher, than at flekso printing on printing machines.
  • At the large drawing the cost of products diminishes in relation to offset printing.

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