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FachPack 2018
Cardboard house
Cardboard house

Besides the process of playing house will be a challenge for our little decorators. They will transform it into unique, coveted playground using only pencils, paints and markers.  And this is just a beginning. House can be covered with different materials, decorated inside as well as outside. Children will get an opportunity to give free rein to their creativity and to decorate it as they want. The process will take some time since the house is quite big.

For parents is an opportunity to rest – children will be busy playing for hours (this fact has already been checked)

The product is absolutely safe – its edges were specially rasped, not to hurt the child.

The main characteristics and properties of the house:

  • develops imagination
  • promotes creative work
  • it’s a great fun for the whole family
  • ecological
  • children can easily play inside thanks to the big sizes

Our house will be a perfect gift for any child!

Available also in colored version

Technology of preprint allows to make packing from any type of corrugated cardboard and provide quality of printing, analogical to offset printing. At this technology corrugated cardboard is made with the use of the prepared printed rolls of material.
Переваги препрінту:
  • At producing of the large drawing of products technology of preprint gives an opportunity to perform the order quicker than at other types of printing.
  • The quality of printing is substantially higher, than at flekso printing on printing machines.
  • At the large drawing the cost of products diminishes in relation to offset printing.

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